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Should I talk to this guy or not?

So I like this guy and he knows I think he's hot. My friend told him I want to meet him and how I think he's hot & he was like she scare me then he or a girlfriend. So then I started talking to someone else. Then I stopped talking to him. My friend told the guy that I thought is hot that his girlfriend is disgusting and gets around a lot and she doesn't like her. They broke up ten she told the kid again that I want to meet him and he was like okay I will meet her

So I'm walking in the hallway with her and we see him and she was like this is Alyssa and I was like shut up and I walk all awkwardly into the locker room all fast ten he called her over and was like I thought she wanted to meet me but she walked away?

So should I talk to him? Because he was like I'm scared of her but I never said anything to him. I really hate how people do that
Should I talk to this guy or not?
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