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Feel offended because my female friend rejected me...

I pretty much fell in love with her, I asked her out and she led me on for a long time.

Basically she kept telling me she would go out with me, but I knew she was lying because her friend told me (mutual friend, I trust her a LOT and vice versa). I confronted the girl, told her that her friend told me she's lying. She kept saying she's not... I kept constantly telling her to tell me the truth because giving me false hope is hurtful, she KEPT saying she told me the truth.

In the end after months of doing this she finally admitted she'd never go out with me and was never interested in me.

I liked her as a friend but right now I hate her, I'm not 100% sure whether I want to carry on being her friend. She really hurt me and clearly doesn't give a f*** about my feelings, and I feel offended 'cause it basically means she doesn't think I'm good enough for her. What should I say/do?
Feel offended because my female friend rejected me...
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