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How do you girls like to be let down?

Ok, well I just took a girl out on a date. After we went our separate ways she texts me asking when we are going to hang out again.

I told her idk. I just don't feel any chemistry between us you just seem more like a friend. I said I'm down to hangout as friends though.

Then she was talking all sad telling me that's how it always is. I can't help what I like...

Anyways I feel bad cause I turned her down.

So I was just wondering how you girls "prefer" to be let down if you were going to be let down.

Obviously some guys will just say they like you to get in your pants then leave. However, that's not me. I just want to be able to turn down a girl nicely without her getting upset.

Thanks. Also if you have a terrible way of being let down I would like to hear it just to see how d***ish some guys are.
How do you girls like to be let down?
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