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Is it likely he treated me differently because he liked someone else?

in September, my boyfriend and I got into a major fight and he still harbors that fight up until this day. Throughout our relationship I would see him spending time talking to this one girl after class for 20 minutes an they would always walk out together.

Anyway, he told me he's been frustrated by not knowing me better. and his "answer" to that was to be withdrawn and act differently towards me. he singled me out and would treat me differently in a mean way from our other friends. I would say a joke and I would get a "huh" and someone else would say something so similar and he'd give them a hearty laugh. It's not even about not laughing at my jokes. It's about treating me differently voluntarily.

So what I told him when I broke up with him is that I don't deserve to be treated like that. and why would he expect to get to know me better when he's ignoring me and not creating an environment where he CAN get to know me? y'know? and I also told him we can talk next semester, but at least at this point, I don't think I deserve to be treated like that and a relationship shouldn't be this hard.

at this point, he stated "I've just realized that I have been treating you differently. it's because I was frustrated."

anyway, we broke up three weeks ago. turns out the weekend after we broke up, he had a Christmas party and I saw pictures of all of his friend and the girl he would talk to all the time after church!

I don't want to overanalyze, but part of me wonders if he had feelings for her the whole time. Is that irrational?
Is it likely he treated me differently because he liked someone else?
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