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How do I reply to this message?

This girl I like sent me this. I really don't know how to reply back to her. I have very strong feelings for her and want to build a relationship with her.

Here's the message:

"Well, I don't know if I can really move on that fast. I mean, it's not easy for me to just forget about everything what I had and start something new. I'm not saying that you're not good enough for me. You're really a great guy and I think you're really romantic, which is something I like about you. But the fact that I'm talking to a guy when I still have some feelings for my ex doesn't feel right at all. I can't promise that we're gonna work out or anything like that but I'd still want you as my friend. If that's even possible. I hope you won't get disappointed after seeing this."
How do I reply to this message?
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