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If a guy doesn't iniate the hug, does that mean he doesn't want one?

i have a guy friend who I've known for a little over a year. we have been friends for most of it. I liked him for such a long time. then I made myself realize that he didn't like me. so I didn't talk to him for a month or so. then I slowly started talking again. and we were friends again. he was single, so I was talking to him more and more. then he got a girlfriend so I backed off. now I talk to him once in a while. maybe a few times every couple of weeks. he definitely notices when I don't text him for a while. he tells me "i Haven't talked to you in forever xP' at least that's what he told me the last time. and then over summer when I started talking to him again, he told me the same thing.

soo, since September I've seen him more than I have ever seen him in the 1yr+ that I've known him. I started going to football games with my friends because I knew he would be there. then a few school functions that our schools both attended. once or twice he offered a hug right off the bat. but other than that it was just an awkward pause then a high five. so I was curious. should I only hug him if he initiates it? or do you think he would be okay to ask for a hug? oh also, he has a girlfriend at the moment. if that makes any difference.
If a guy doesn't iniate the hug, does that mean he doesn't want one?
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