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Not what I bargained for?

so there's this guy I started talking to a couple of months ago. he has a rep of sleeping around and during one of our first convos, he told me that he was thinking about giving up on relationships and that he was probably just going to have casual sex.

so we started talking more and we decided that we would hang out. I originally thought he was just trying to get in my pants, which is what I want, so when there was so subtle flirting, I just went along with it.

but now he's talking about how much he can't wait out to hang out and how cute I am and how interesting I seem and how we should hang out a lot. and these hangouts sound more like legit dates

so I think he could actually like me but I'm not totally sure. and I'm afraid that I might be leading him on further. but I'm also really bad on confronting and being straight up with people. additionally, I have no experience with relationships so I really have no idea what I should do. any help?

Not what I bargained for?
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