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Figuring out what I did and fixing it?

So there's a girl I had 2 classes with, we talked quite a bit at first she would ignore my texts but then she started to become responsive, after school finished a few weeks ago, after the last time I saw her, I texted her telling her I was going to go to a mutual group members bar to ask her out (4 person group for one of the classes), we texted a few times about something funny and then after I was at this bar for about an hour she texted me asking me if I had asked this chick out yet, when I told her no that I was just going to ask for her number because I wasn't sure how interested she was, she never responded, I told her she should just come and join us, and no response, the next day I texted her something about this other chick, no response, and then later that night I texted her something about our grades in the class, she told me she got a "b" and I told her I had got the same and she just said it sucked because my grade was a 89.95, then I told her that I miscalculated and I actually had a 91 and she said "F you I'm going to bed", next day since the bar chick wasn't responding I asked texted her asking her if she could confirm the chicks number for me to make sure I didn't misread how she wrote it down, and no response, I texted her again about 2 hours later asking if she was actually mad about the whole me actually getting an "A" in the class and no response, and then I tried texting her again later that night saying that I wanted to know that bar chicks number because I thought maybe she gave me a fake and no response, a few days later I tried emailing her about some school related stuff and a few days went by and no response , knowing that she's always on her email I knew something was up, so I texted her saying "i sorta have the vibe that I may have creeped you out, if I did I'm sorry, if your just busy then forget I sent this I already feel like a tool" and of course no response... I'm not really sure what I did, but this chick is pretty much the only friend I made the whole semester and I like her a lot, we were also supposed to take a class together, so id really like to know if there's something I could possibly say or do to get her to start talking to me again...
Figuring out what I did and fixing it?
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