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I need help making a move! Any Advice?

I just started seeing this girl, as in last night we had our first date. WE had been texting a lot before than and I called and set it up. Anyway, the date went great, I paid for it, she offered too. We both had an awesome time, and at the end I gave her a hug goodbye and she told me to text her later.

So it was a good date. But, I didn't really make any moves besides putting my arm around her to warm her up while waiting for the light-rail and making her laugh all night..

I'm planning on taking her to Zoo Lights in a couple days (an outdoor light display at the local zoo).

This time I want to make it clear that I'm interested in her as more than a friend and I want to make sure that there is no possibility of straying into the friend zone.

What do I do? Do I hold her hand? Do I walk with my arm around her? Do I give her a kiss goodnight?

Every time I meet a new girl I become unsure of myself when it comes to making a move.

Would it be weird to just randomly grab her hand or put my arm around her? What if she's not ready for a kiss?

(by the way, I really like this girl, when I mean make a move I just mean to show that I like her, I'm not trying to "get with her". We're both practicing catholics so I don't want to come on too strong)

Whats appropriate to do on a second date and how can I do these things NATURALLY? I need her to be sure that I'm not just seeing her to be friends.. Turn me into a pro!
I need help making a move! Any Advice?
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