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What should I do? I still care.

I asked this awesome girl out a week and a half ago after a month of getting to know her and everything. I have been great to her, paid her meals talked for hours went as far as she wanted to and didn't push for anything but still kept my own frame of mind. everything was going great until I stop hearing from her for a couple of days and start to grow concerned so I finally got a 6 page text from her saying

"I'm a bad person. you know how I don't like serious situations? well, I still don't. In a serious situation I'll just be all awk and back out. which is what I'm doing now. you like me more than I like you and y ou say things like "I adore you" and "I'll always be here for you" and any normal girl would love you for that. but with my past boyfriends who treated me like crap. I've put up a wall to make sure I don't get too attached. and when you're all nice and sweet, that's not anything I'm used to, and it made me realize I'm honestly scared of commitment. so really it's not your fault at all I'm just chickening out before anything goes to far. I know I'm a bad person for doing this on Christmas and over text and I'm really sorry"

I still really like her and Just don't know what to do :-/
What should I do? I still care.
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