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Why don't girls care when I ask them out?

I know they don't owe me anything. I mean, I'm the one who's asking them out, so it's on me. But what's really bothering me is that even when I do, girls just don't seem to give an f. Like, when someone asks me to do something, I care and I think about it and stuff.

Now, this is kind of stupid, but it is beginning to make me question things. I think I'm interesting and funny; the feedback I get is good, in that I can make people laugh, I know how to flirt, etc. Sure I'm not great looking, but I'm pretty average, so I know that's not what's hindering me.

What's more is that, I'll get rejected and then a couple weeks later they're with a guy who's got a personality like draw chalk. It just bothers me.

It even happens with girls who I think are in me. Like there's this one girl who I was sure was into me and who my friend thought was into me (without me ever talking to him about her), but nope, not even that, she doesn't give a f***.

Sorry for feeling sour, but it's just disheartening that I've made improvements to myself and I'm not getting much in terms of results. And when I ask someone out, no one even bats an eye.
Why don't girls care when I ask them out?
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