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He thinks I will be a good "teaser" what does that mean?!!?

I am completely inexperienced.

I've never had a boyfriend, this one I've been with for the past month was my first kiss, first hand holding, everything. I'm still a virgin.

He's a year younger than me and I'm 21.

One day we were just chilling in bed, and I gave him a couple little kisses while he was laying down and I sat back up and just looked at him and he smiled and said that he thinks I will be a good teaser. I am very... ignorant when it comes to these things, I don't know what that means. what does it mean?

Also, I am not sure if the things I do are ... kinda bad if I don't plan on sleeping with him any time soon. It will be my first time and I do want to wait for the right moment, but sometimes I do wonder if I am too much for someone that's not planning on having sex anytime soon.

For example, I like to wrap my legs around him when he's sitting down and I'm laying down to get him to kiss me, I like to kiss him on his neck and nibbling on his ears, when we're making out I like running my hand through his hair and pulling it here and there...

Is this too much. I mean I get excited too, and I like hearing him get excited. but... I don't know. you guys tell me.
He thinks I will be a good "teaser" what does that mean?!!?
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