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What should be my next move with her

Heres the cliff notes:


- asked a waitress out to a She said she couldn't make it but gave me her number.

- went out to lunch and said she really likes me and would love to get to know me more

- I don't have a type. I figured I would know it when I see it. When I saw her..well.. she's my type.


- she works two jobs. her waitress job has her working long hours. Also works a day job

-she can't respond to her texts or phone calls very often Because she works so much.

I really like this girl and she seems really into me from what she says. She once told me I was everything she was looking for in a guy. Just having a hard time figuring out how to move on with her Because she's always so busy.

Any ideas men or women
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Question AskerAn hour agoi plan on making it work. just don't know how since she always busy. need ideas on how to make my move or plan to go out if she's always busy
What should be my next move with her
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