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Am I being played? Getting his cake and eating it too!

I am 40 and my boyfriend is 44 we have been together for two years now. I have had three serious relationships in the last 15 years... up until now I haven't wanted to live with anyone. Last December my boyfriend went away to visit family he said when he comes back from his trip that he wants to move in... That was after a year of dating... While he was away I made space for him and his stuff... I put closet organizers in etc... When he came back the first thing he said was it's so good to be home... he spent the night then took all of his stuff in the morning to his apartment. Over the course of this year he keeps saying he wants to marry me... He had been inquiring into an engagement ring over 7 months ago but recently nothing... He even keeps telling me he wants a child with me which I would like to try however I am 40 and time is running out... This Christmas two major comments got said... He said he wanted a crib under the tree... Then when we were in Mexico just before Christmas a couple was on their honeymoon and he said that will be us in April. However he hasn't even bought a ring... Through the year he has said several times he wants to buy a house... we haven't even looked... he says he wants to get a dog... He says he wants to marry me as soon as possible... He doesn't have any clothes in my house... He stays over only on the weekends he doesn't work... If a guy is this serious and makes these comments all of the time... We even have a name picked out for a baby... But we aren't trying and I don't want to until we get married... His actions do not match his words... I am not pushing this issue whatsoever because I felt pushed into my first marriage over 15 years ago and it only lasted 5 so I need to see he really wants this... If a guy is this serious would he not have at least moved in by now? Or is he just coming and going as he pleases and getting his cake and eat it too?
Am I being played? Getting his cake and eating it too!
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