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How would you read her reaction?

There is this girl that I asked out a couple of weeks ago, we set a day but she later had to cancel. (we work in the same building different companies) I looked to reschedule, but we were both traveling through December. He emails seemed a little cool, though she did complain about work emails being monitored. We did not pick a day in Jan yet. she did come up to me all happy, but she caught me off guard ( I did not see her) and I think she took it as me being cool since she canceled our date.

We have passed each other but not really talked. Last Interactions:

-I held the door open as we passed, she looked at my chest for 5 to 10 seconds (looking left and right), said I like your tie, then we went seperatly ways. - next she was going into the bathroom and I was with coworkers. I waved goodby, she waved back, had a goofy smile and looked down.

I was scanning a dating website and ran into her account, she had just checked it.

Thoughts on above and what my next steeps are. Thanks!

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Oh, one Female friend called the girl above's emails a little frosty
How would you read her reaction?
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