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How does he feel? Does he feel that I am annoying?

He and I had a conversation this noon.

He HAD LUNCH with me(he just stopped by my table and started eating with me).

He and I talked about his applying to college, and some school stuffs . . .

Then he suddenly asked me WHAT HAPPEN since he THOUGHT that I was unhappy(why is that?!). Then he told me that he HEARD from someone that people in my grade don't like me. I asked him who told him so, but he just MADE up a name.

Then he said that MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE I KEEP BEING WITH HIM BUT NOT OTHER GIRLS, and he said that every time I am at school walking I am always alone(that's just because I don't want to talk to others). Does the part that I capitalized(the last sentence ) means that he thinks I am TOO ANNOYED?

He also wanted me to TELL HIM WHAT HAPPENED, he kept asking me, and then I said "if you have time". He said "I have time right now" but I just replied that nothing happened . . .

Does he really want to help?

Does he care about me?

Does he hate me?
How does he feel? Does he feel that I am annoying?
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