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Is he simply not interested or is he playing hard to get?

There is a guy I met a couple of months ago, when he got into my Art group.He is already getting along with everyone except me, he usually acts as though I do not exist. Like he avoids talking directly to me, borrows stuff from everyone but me, avoids using my name, even though he is so friendly to everybody else.

But the things that got me confused are that he actually from time to time like comes up to me when I am talking with my friends, and says something completely irrelevant, but that lets me understand that he was actually listening. Or when he actually talks to me he just stares into my eyes, not simply looks. And there was also one time when he started teasing me, like calling funny names and stuff but then after that he was all I-don't-see-you again. And whenever we are in a group he stands right across me. I think I also caught him looking at me from the corner of his eye, but I am not so sure about that. Well I just find that confusing and strange, maybe he hates me?

If that helps, he's actually outgoing, and I see how he acts with other girls in our Art group. He's funny and friendly to them, even though he has known them for the same amount of time that he knows me. I'd like to hear your opinion,thanks:)

P.S Also we both are 16. And I get along with everyone but him. I used to like him, not sure if I should continue doing that. That's why I am trying to find this out :)
Is he simply not interested or is he playing hard to get?
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