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I'm still in love with my ex boyfriend, I don't know what to do

Actually I broke up with him, because he had some trust issues with me and I got fed up. It started years ago, when he had problems with my past, and it escalated to the point in which he didn't like any of my friends, male or female.

But we shared many things in common, we have great chemistry still, and we could make each other smile easily. And I forgive and forget, easily too. He has even called me hurtful names, but he has also been so sweet... sometimes it's easy to lose scope and forget that he's called me names.

I feel lonely and incomplete without him. I have many friends and of course they're against the idea that I get back together with him. I hang out with them a lot, so I'm never alone. I've met guys, I've met guys who've been interested in me, some even interesting and cute ones, but there's that emptiness, well, they're not HIM.

And when good or bad stuff happens I always feel like calling him and sharing with him, even the tiniest, goofiest things, like when I see a YouTube vid that he'd think is funny, or when I hear an awesome new band. I feel that no one gets me like he does.

And to make matters worse, I know he's also still in love with me and suffering. He calls everyday begging me to take him back, and it breaks my heart to deny him, because I know he suffers for me. And I love him, all I want is for him to be happy. I mean, I know the best thing for both is to break up for good, so I even wish he'd hate me, or that he was with someone else, or that only I had to suffer. But that is not the case, and I care about him, about what he's feeling.

I feel trapped. And now with New Year's around the corner I feel even lonelier, because everyone seems to have someone, while I'm still heartbroken, missing him.

Any pointers, tips, advice, anything? Please... thanks.
I'm still in love with my ex boyfriend, I don't know what to do
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