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Am I going crazy or are the feelings normal?

Been with ex boyfriend 6years...tried to get us back together for a entire year of 2011 crazy I know..i was following my dum heart but anyways...Thursday he officially said he can't be with me he's never going to be with me but we are still friends today he called me to his house to teach him how to make pie after I did that I told him I want to leave because I do not want to be fwb...he said he wanted to have sex...i asked what happens tome if you get serious with someone else he said we would stop talking I told him I do not want to be friends with benefits as I am in love with him...he said we should stop talking I asked him you can't hang out with me because were not having sex he got mad...if feel horrible that the man I loved and cared for the past six years views me as just a piece of ***..why don't I hate him a part of me still wants him am I crazy...why do men do this? I don't get how could he do this..

I don't know what my problem I guess I wanted this relationship more than anything but I don't want to be used just for sex...i want him back but commited to one another I was thinking if I don't stick around even as friends with benefits he will forget me and be with someone else I just don't want to lose him bt at the same time I don't want to be hurt!
Am I going crazy or are the feelings normal?
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