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Why am I having a problem finding girls?

I have recently joined the Army National Guard and have been training for the past six months. When I left, meeting girls was never a problem. For instance, one girl kept in touch with me all through basic and texted me often during AIT. She was one of the coolest girls that I have met. When I came back to visit, we hung out once, and I stopped hearing from her. I don't think I did anything wrong during the time we spent. I don't know if she has another guy she's talking to or what the deal is, but it confuses the sh*t out of me.

Also, when I go to clubs and raves now, I have the hardest time getting the attention I used to get from the girls. If they dance with me, it's usually for a few minutes then they lose interest. Most of the others turn me down.

Can anyone explain to me what the problem is? I don't think I look that bad and I spend a lot of time dancing and getting involved with everyone at clubs. Did the army change me or what's the deal? If I was a girl, I would totally talk to me.
Why am I having a problem finding girls?
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