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Ladies: How long does your 'first' real crush last for?

Last night I ran into a girl that had a huge crush on me in High School. She was a Freshman and I was a Senior. I haven't seen her since HS (12 Years). I say I was her first real crush because I remember the first time she saw me around Homecoming time (October). After that the entire year she would just Gawk and stare at me and eye f*ck me, whisper to her friends while looking at me, hit me up over the internet, etc etc, she had it BAD, lol.. This lasted till I graduated. Last night when she saw me she was with her husband, she said hi gave me a hug asked how I was and quickly walked away with her hubby. didn't even bother to introduce him. I already knew she was Married. Throughout the night at the bar I caught her staring at me from afar the exact same way she did in HS. So my question is, how long do these type of crushes usually last? I was shocked more than anything.
Ladies: How long does your 'first' real crush last for?
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