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Ladies - who finds it creepy to be hit on in public?

Some dude on another forum said MANY girls find it creepy to be hit on in public.

Like while your doing a little shopping, at a game, going for coffee, chillin at a bar.

I don't think it's creepy at all - I mean where else is a guy suppose to apprach you, in your house? IN a private place like a bathroom?

Dark alley way lol :P ?

So I just wanted to see how many girls actually find it creepy to have a cool guy walk up to you and flirt with you.

Oh and keep in mind - I say the only thing that would make a guy creepy is how he approached - not where he approaches. ( well except in a bathroom and dark alley of course lol)

Obviously if a dude walks up to you and is like staring at your chest and breathing down your neck - yea that's creepy lol.

MOst dudes know how to say hi though so -

Tell me what your stance on this is^^
It's so creepy for a guy to smile and walk up to me.
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Lol it's not creepy at all. Kind of flattering.
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Thanks girls - this is exactly what I thought. Majority of gals like to be approached in public - don't know how the hell this creepy thing got incorporated with that?
Ladies - who finds it creepy to be hit on in public?
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