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How can I be "natural" with my ex?

Me ex suggested to become friends and see if we can be together again. I'm willing to but it's hard to me to deal with this. Here's why:

1. I still have feelings for her.

2. I'm fearful that the problems we had in the past come along.

3. I don't know how to become close to her again.

4. I don't want to be in "first row" seeing her seeing another guy.

5, I don't want to end up worse than before.

She has a pretty busy schedule and I don't want to fall for her while she doesn't or to "wait" for something that doesn't exists comes back (the love). Before she "came back" and suggested this I was starting to be close to another woman and I told her. I don't want to feel bad with myself by having secrets with everyone, it's not fair to anybody. From there they can choose whether she keep in contact with me or not.

My problem is that I have high expectations with my ex (I loved her a lot) and I believe I will get hurt pretty bad if I don't eliminate them. Let's say they are now 50% from before wanting to get her back in my life as my girlfriend. From this expectations, another enemy is here, a sense of urgency that I want everything to be resolved at once and it hurts it doesn't. Any tips?
How can I be "natural" with my ex?
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