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Guys, would you assume that you've been rejected cause your crush thought you were out of their league?

i know how twisted that question must sound. but that's not because you made the first move that the other person cannot fear rejection right ?

today I was at the library, when I enter the room that guy turned around and stared at me, but that's what most people do when you break the absolute silence of a library isn't it ?

there wasn't much free tables, so I happened to sit in front of him.

i started noticing he was trying to make eye contact quite often. that's when I realized that : 1) he was handsome (tall, athletic, deep blue eyes, charming smile)

2) he was studying maths and that's what I'm studying at a very advanced level -> seemed clever

3) he really was staring at me and totally ignoring the girl hitting on him

anyway, later when he saw for what entrance exam I was studying he asked me about it, and I got to know that he just graduated from that school

just so you know that's like the absolute best engineering school you can go to where I leave , very selective and you need to be selected to just pass the exam : so we knew that we were both really clever :)

oh and he had the cutest accent ever.

but I kinda cut down the talking to get back to my maths.

then he kindly asked me if I wanted to take a break downstairs with him, but I don't know why I refused ("cause I had to finish that exercise")

yesterday I was joking with a friend of mine and he asked me to give him alist of items my future husband must have (that wasn't serious) but still that guy completed it all!

but after that I felt awkward and avoid eye contact till he left, he could take his eyes off me while he was taking his things , keep smiling at me, even turned around to smile again, and finally closed the door looking at me.

im used to have guys hitting on me and I'm always quite friendly with them but he was just too perfect lol

now I'm just regretting not even asking him his name lol

i really acted uninterested , does he thought I rejected him ? won't he try anything else if I get to see him ever again ?

what should I do ? lol

thanks for reading and answering
Guys, would you assume that you've been rejected cause your crush thought you were out of their league?
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