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He liked me back then, but did I screw everything up?

So I became friends with this guy like 3 years ago, and back then he liked me but I didn't like him. As we became really good friends, I started liking him. So we would flirt and stuff, and he had asked me tonight what my plans were for new years. I told him my plans, and asked what his were. He said he was having a party, so I said wow sounds fun! He said only if you could come, so I said duhhh of course it would! :) He didn't text me back within like 10 min so I said wish I could come, and he said you can. I didn't know what to say so I said next party count me in, and he said a-ight. I felt the convo going kind of downhill so I said I was going to bed! :) and he said goodnight. I get the feeling he is really mad at me for not going...but he asked me at the last moment and I already had plans. Last week I convinced myself that he didn't like me because he would never text me, I would have to text him. Also when we were talking sometimes he would stop answering, or the convo wouldn't be full of life or anything. Now he asks me to go to a party and is all cute about it, and then when I can't go is being a sourpuss. Did I screw up the chance that I had? Ugh.
He liked me back then, but did I screw everything up?
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