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So, please confirm my...suspicion.

Normally at work I do not get any attention. I have my hair pulled back, I barely have my make up on and I'm usually a not-so-hot mess. Despite that there's still one guy I like to flirt with because he is quite attractive but he only casually flirts with me. However, today I was up and decided to fix my make up nice and pretty and say screw the rules and keep my hair down. It's quite a transformation, believe me. I go from ugly duckling to cute girl next door look. Anyways, today the coworker was EXTREMELY flirty, calling me hot and he offered to take me to a new years party. He's never wanted to hang out before or anything. And yet my other coworker who has been there all along said I looked beautiful today. Now, let me guess, the coworker I like would probably be a player and I would be completely stupid to pass up the other coworker that's been there for me?
So, please confirm my...suspicion.
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