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Do girls generally appreciate gestures like romantic videos?

hi all

i've been speaking to this girl for almost a year now. She's almost 4 years younger than me. We get along extremely well and our frequency matches to the extent that we both know what's on the other one's mind before we even voice our opinions on something. At times this surprises us as well.

We both like one another a lot. But when I asked her out, she told me that she belongs to a very orthodox family. We both are Indians. So she said that even though her parents are very broad minded, they specifically asked her to not to plan on getting married to a guy outside of their caste. We have this stupid caste system which some people still believe in out here.

So I'm not from her caste. And she told me that she would not want to hurt her parents, hence this is not going to happen.

I did try to convince her that it's her who has to live her life and it's 2012! We can leave behind stupid stuff such as caste and creed. But I guess she's a little scared taking such a step which would be considered to be pretty bold in this part of the world.

It's not that people don't marry outside their castes here in India.. They do.. But they have a lot of convincing to do before something like this works out..

So I was thinking about what could I do to express how badly I need her in my life.

So I planning on making a music video using a very soft and romantic song as the background.. I would write the screenplay and myself act in the video, edit it and complete the video.

Then I could also play the same song on the piano and record myself playing it.

And I could also use the instrumental track of the song and write a video-letter on it.

And I could also include a track that would show the making of these videos.

Together, these 4 tracks would make one album and would take about 6 months to make in my free time.

It's going to be lots of hard work. So I was just wondering if such an action is generally appreciated by girls?

Thanks for your views in advance! :)
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if it helps, I'll be spending lots of time with her in 2012 because she wants me to help her in her preparations for her final exams at medical school.

I've been through this stage 3 years ago and can guide her well..
Do girls generally appreciate gestures like romantic videos?
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