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How does a guy behave when he likes a girl?

I am really surprised as I could not find an answer to this question.

It's quite self-explanatory I think; I have known the guy for about 2yrs and we have just recently been in contact again (I contacted him first). Lately he keeps asking me to go out with him and his friends and go X-mas shopping too.

I met up with him at a bar the other night and afterward he said 'I don't know if it's crossing our boundaries but you looked really good tonight' and then he said 'it was funny because everyone says we should hook up'.

Would you message a girl all the time if you did? (Some days he doesn't message and I'm too scared to message first... haha)

In short, I guess I want to know how guys generally behave when they like a girl and how I should act to show him I like him without seeming obsessed/clingy.
How does a guy behave when he likes a girl?
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