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Even if a guy gives the girl a lot of signs that he likes her, why is it she doesn't reciprocate 100%?

I am going crazy over this girl I like, I'm trying not to express the fact that I like her too much, but I do not know she knows or not... and I am not sure if she is reciprocating or if she likes me back.

I usually can TELL whether women do like me. But my sensitivity gets knocked off because I think I do actually like her... And so now I really cannot tell. With girls whom I didn't really like before, I ACTUALLY COULD tell whether they liked me or not... But it's So WEIRD now!

Help! Given my situation with her, I am not sure if she is into me or not.

Prior history of dates over the course of 9 months. Each date spanning with 2 weeks of each other or thereabouts.

(these are not in any chronological order, just based on what I remember)

1. Coffee chit chat

2. Brunch chit chat

3. Amusement park chit chat

4. restaurant food chit chat

5. park walk chit chat

6. Surfing

7. house party hang out together with friends

8. Zoo hangout

9. Museum hangout

10. School lunch

11. School lunch

12. Going to school which includes at least additional 2 rain-walks where I got to shield her from the rain and from the road with my arm around her... (without protests from her)

13. 1 movie

Good signs I have given her:

1. Always thanking her for a good time

2. Looking forward to seeing her; things like "see you soon."

3. Always making the 1st EFFORT to ask her out (except one time).

4. Saying things like "i wanna take you to do... *insert activity here* or "would you like to go with me to... etc"

5. Teased her about how she likes candy like she's a kid. Just playful teasing that's all.

Potential signs she MAy have given me that she likes me... but I really cannot interpret them.

1. She asked me out a dinner house-party with her friends (but I couldn't go Because of work).

2. She will occasionally say she can't meet, with excuses like... either she has other friends to see... or she is sick... or has a period...BUT will want to see me the next week after she is better or more free.

3. On our 1st few dates, she kind of mirrored me.

4. Occasionally talks about her parents or mine.

Potential signs she MAY have given that she doesn't like me... but I cannot interpret them clearly:

1. She can't go on dates because of her period or something like that.

2. As we go on more dates, I noticed she doesn't mirror me anymore... not noticeably anyway (to me).

3. She doesn't take the 1st step to call/email me, it's always responding to MY 1st transmissions...

Negligible signs she has given which could go EITHER way;

1. She said once: "we'll see each other soon." BUT that could mean nothing quite seriously.

I am afraid to ask girl friends in real life because I am afraid it will make me seem weak to them, esp. since I know a few of them are interested in me for sure.
Even if a guy gives the girl a lot of signs that he likes her, why is it she doesn't reciprocate 100%?
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