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Confident on outside, shy on the inside??

I seem to have come across a guy who appears to be ultra confident, lots of girls are after him and he'll say things like "no, no I'm not perfect YET". He's always asking me for example, "what I think of his hair" and his "body" but his body language says something different sometimes. He's always looking at me when I'm not looking, whenever I leave and enter a room he's in he glances in my direction and he seems to get a bit sulky when I'm around other guys, feet and body is pointed towards me etc but when he talks it's as if he has no interest in me at all (other girls), acts super macho but when I compliment him he gets all modest about it.

I must admit I'm more than likely giving off hot and cold signals myself. I'm also a type of girl he's never dated, race and size wise. Maybe that's the issue? I really thought he had no interest in me as our first date couldn't have been worse but the 2nd time we met up (group thing) has made me wonder. I thought it may have been the drink but my friend told me he was watching me all night and seemed to be sulky when I was talking to his friend about something before we started drinking.

What do you guys think, will I need to make the moves on this guy or should I wait for him to do it? I think he's used to women jumping over hoops for him but he's expressed his need for space in a relationship so I've been giving him that. How could I show him I like him without saying it?
Confident on outside, shy on the inside??
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