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Can't decide if I should look for a girlfriend or not.

So here's the deal. I'm feeling rather lonely lately, I miss going out with girls and I love to be with people. A few months ago, there was this girl I had strong feelings for and got attached to. I told her how I felt about her but she told me she didn't have feelings for me so we stayed friends and I tried to let it go.

I had a very hard time trying to get rid of my feelings for her, and now 3 months later we are still friends even though my feelings for her aren't completely gone yet, they've been reduced a lot though.

Now I'm not sure if after that I should be looking for an other girl or not because I'm scared that when I do so, I'll get attached to a someone again and if it doesn't work out I'll be hurt again. Then again I feel lonely, love talking to girls and flirting and I'd love a loving girlfriend.

I've told the girl I had feelings for a few days ago that I'm on a break now and don't really want to develop feelings for anybody anymore because I don't want to get hurt all over again and because I don't feel like going through that all over again, but even though I told her that I'm still not sure if I should be having that break and if I should just look for another girl instead. I'm just scared to love and get attached to a person and to get hurt again. What should I do?
Can't decide if I should look for a girlfriend or not.
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