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Holding Hands in public?

So I met this guy that I really like. The first day we met we flirted around for a bit, but nothing great.

The second day we were walking around beside a creek at the cabin our group was staying at. He held my hand while helping me down the tall steps and when we went back inside and sat down he would put his arm around my waist.

The third day on the way back home we were on the back of the bus with some friends and were we cuddling ( I was laying my head on his shoulder , and he would hug me around the waist and just playing with my sides.

And then he did this cute thing where he tickled me and I grabbed his hand to stop him and he interlocked his fingers with mine. We held hands most of the way to the mall but when we got in the mall he didn't wanna hold my hand... Why do you think that is?
Holding Hands in public?
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