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Guys, do you always take no for a rejection? What should I do ?

already posted about that, but I do need more insight.

i'm the most rational, logical girl ever, and I hardly get attached to people or find guys good looking. I'm usually friendly and not that shy whenever a guy hit on me.

i met that guy 3 days ago, lets call him A.

would say he was interested in me if

1. when I entered the room he turned around and stared at me

2. I sat in front of him, and he kept trying to make eye contact super regularly

3. he'd look into my eyes every time another girl would hit on him

4. finally talked to me, asking me about an entrance exam that I was studying fir since he graduated from that school, but I acted totally shy

5. asked me later to go take a break from studying with him (we were in a library), which I refused

6. no other attempt of talking after that, (but I was seriously avoiding any eye contact) ,until he left, and couldn't take his eyes off me packing his stuff, we smiled to each other around 5 times while he was packing, turned around on his way to the door looking at me and smiling.

also, did he think I rejected him ? I really acted as if I wasn't interested in him ! truth is I'm not used to having the perfect guy showing signs of interests in me, I mean I'm super picky but A had it all!

extremely smart, gorgeous deep blue eyes, cute smile, super athletic, he looked very sweet and even a bit shy.

finally, I really don't know what to do ? how can I see him again ? what should I do if I finally get to see him again ?

oh and have you ever felt like that stranger was the perfect match for you ? that's so strange to me ! seriously I cannot explain to myself why I keep thinking of him! that's so not me!
Guys, do you always take no for a rejection? What should I do ?
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