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I need advice on a relationship situation I'm in..

Ok I need a little bit of advice, this is probs a bit different to all the other comments on here but here we go. OK, I went out with this girl about 3 years ago, I got her pregnant and shat myself so I pushed her away even though she loved me like crazy. Like I did some really mean sh*t to try get her to hate me and stop contacting me. She did stop talking to me for about the next year and in this time she has a miscarriage and after that tried to kill herself (she went to hospital for a couple of months) because of all the sh*t I and other people close to her had put her through. We started talking again and ended up being F-buddies for about another year (mostly because neither of us wanted to get close again) but also in this time she became super slutty. She has has sex with 19 dudes (she is really pretty so it's not hard for her) since we first went out. Now she wants to move over here to Perth with me as her life has been going downhill because she has been having to much fun and not doing enough work. The thing is I still love her and I really do owe her for all I put put her through but I don't trust her not to 'pay me back' and every time I think about all those other dudes it makes me feel sick. What should I do?
I need advice on a relationship situation I'm in..
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