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I confessed to a friend and got rejected!

Basically, I confessed to a friend and got rejected. She left the country for good and her online convos with me were sometimes hot and cold. I was confused and hurt (for a month) and asked her:

'I wanted our relationship to go back to normal b4 I developed those stupid feelings. I realized I spent a lot of time around you etc etc. So I tried talking to you normally, but I think you didn't want to talk to me for some reason :S sent so many messages to you and you didn't reply so felt hurt I guess. So I thought…forget it…leave the woman alone. Then you replied sometimes and I didn't know what to make of it cos sometimes your hot and your cold. ... confusing xD feels much better just saying it out lol

getting over you has been such a challenge. its like climbing a mountain' I guess guys can't handle these things well and I'm surprised I'm not angry.

then she replied with:

'I didn't wanna talk to you heaps Because I don't wanna send the wrong mssg/signal and sometimes I don't reply (that fast) Because sometimes I just wanted to check fb for a few min on my phone. Umm, why would you b angry? To me? To yourself?'

Was it right to ask? and where do I go from here?
I confessed to a friend and got rejected!
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