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While celebrating New year's eve, this girl approached me?

Me and two friends of mine went and spend New Year's eve together. We went to a party were early in the morning these two girls approached us. One of them was a colleague from one of my friend's work and the other was a girl I recognized from me days in High School, although I never really talked to her because she was a lot younger back then (now 18). So, she wished me the best for 2012 and gave me tree polite kisses, OK that's fine with me, no problem at all. We started to talk about the fact that we weren't really strangers. After a while they told us they would go to the front, to the main stage (hoping for us to come afterward, but we didn't do that). So, later on in the morning they came back and started to talk to us, AGAIN... Suddenly she had tears in her eyes, I didn't know why so I asked her if everything was alright? She explained to me she has seen her best friend and it was the first time over a couple of years and it was rather a strange feeling she got from it. So, suddenly she grabbed me, hugged me, started to come really close to me (chest to chest, neck-breathing close...) and suddenly even started to kiss me all over my face...! She started to ask me things like: "do you have a girlfriend?", "where do you live", ... . At the end, I just asked her for her number, just to seal the deal you know ;-). We texted each other before I fell asleep. But the next day she didn't even call me or texted me, although she told me this: "You will remember me tomorrow?", "You will or I will text you tomorrow?!"... First friendship, maybe who knows afterward a relationship? ... I really believed every word, but she was drunk and I was sober because I don't drink so I remember everything more vivid than she did of course. I texted her, asking her if everything was OK and how she was feeling? She replied, but really short, not like she was interested at all... I even thought for a second she didn't even know who I was? So, after a while, she confessed that she didn't know what happened (yeah, blame the liqueur) when I asked her if everything she told me, the illusions and promises were nothing but a lie...? She apologized for what happened. Do you people think she is lying, telling the truth or just playing games to satisfy her own ego by behaving this way? Why would she do me like that? What was her problem? Was I to hard for her or was I to easy for her that night? A little advise here, please! Thank you all!
While celebrating New year's eve, this girl approached me?
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