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Is he playing games?

Well let me start off with how I met this guy. He works at a fast food restaurant and I met him through the drive thru. I was immediately attracted to him and after a month of visiting him I slipped him my phone number on a piece of paper. He never called. He ended up telling me the next time I went up there that he was flattered but he had a girlfriend. I told him I respected that and thanked him for his honesty. I continued to go up there and we would just smile at each other all the time and would gaze into one another's eyes for long periods of time. I could tell there was something there right off the bat but he never made a move. Well I stopped going to his work for a few weeks only because I did not want to impose on his relationship. I gave up after so long and went back up there. He asked me why I haven't come around lately And I told him because I needed a break from the food. Well he was happy to see me and smiled at me like always, only this time he stopped me before I took off and held a full conversation with me. It seemed like he wanted to get to know me better. He told me to come around more often And I went on my way. So of course I started going up there more often and the conversations would get longer and the stares would be more intense. this last time I went through, he invited me to come inside. I said of course and went in. He was asking me a lot of questions and told me to tell him all about myself. I stayed up there for hours. He never once brought up his girlfriend until I asked him where at and who he stayed with. He told me he stayed with his girlfriend and asked if that was weird. I told him kind of because I'm definitely interested in him but I was aware that he had a girlfriend. I than asked if he was happy and he told me not like he used to be. He shows no sign of being a cheater because the only move he's tried to make on me was giving me a hug. If he was going to cheat on this girl he would've called me in the first place, and he also told me that he has never cheated on a girl in his life which I completely believe considering he wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he had a girlfriend from the beginning. He also told me that he didn't feel there was anything wrong with getting to know me better. I already know that I need to watch my feelings with this guy and that even if he does break up with this girl for me than who's to say he won't do that to me? But I know from experience that you can fall in love with the person you break up with your significant other for. It's happened to be a couple times. My question is, do you guys thinks he's just stringing me along? Or is there any possible chance I could call this guy mine and only mine? Also, is this wrong of me? I'm in it for the long hall if anything does evolve with him, I'm ready to give someone my all and I think he's it. We have way too much in common and we click way too well for me to give up.
Is he playing games?
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