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Guys, did I impress or...?

Guy I got to know last year said hi to me whenever we saw each other in the gym. Last year I would always wave or say hi/start the convo first, so in order to not seem annoying or clingy, I backed off a bit. All he did so far this year is say hi and I'd catch him looking at me at basketball games. lol A couple times in the gym, he double took! :p

Last ball game before break, I wore camo pants, a white shirt and I wore my hair down, which I rarely do because it takes a long time to do and I'm required to wear my hair back for some lab classes in school. I caught him, and a couple of his baseball friends, checking me out. Halftime came and I went down to grab a bag of popcorn...mmmm. Walked toward the door out of the gym and he was standing there talking to a friend or someone idk...we met eyes and he stopped and stared, his mouth slightly dropped...did I stun him? lol Can a girl in camo pants be hot? haha!

OMG I wanna frigging hug him...that's it. lol Sure if he'd want to try anything I'd be up for it, but he hasn't done anything except say hi so...Im not getting my hopes up too high =(
Guys, did I impress or...?
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