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Do you think I could be a bit more aggressive with this?

I've seen this girl frequently for over a year now, we don't usually talk much but just greet each other. A year ago she made a few small conversations with me and it felt like she was trying to get my attention frequently standing in my line of sight and would occasionally smile at me again if she happens to catch my eyes.

Then things went cold for a while and that's when I heard from some mutual friends that she got back together with her ex. It was then that I felt like I missed my chance as I thought nothing of her advances prior to that because I thought she was still going out with that dude and did not know that they had broken up briefly.

Anyway, just in the past month her behavior changed a bit and seems to be similar to what she was doing back earlier (making small talks, smiles at me if she catch my eyes and staring at me blankly at times until I look up at her). I'm not sure if she's single now or not and have already sort of ended a couple of her small talk attempts very quickly thinking she might not be single.

I'm just wondering if there's any harm in me getting a bit more friendlier with her and maybe flirt with her a bit with the intention of asking her out if she is single? Another thing is, I saw her at a Xmas party and she was only with her female friends and her boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.
Do you think I could be a bit more aggressive with this?
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