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Men help: Did I show Enough Interest? I'm SO CONFUSED!!!

I work with this guy who confessed to liking me for awhile (8 months). I said I felt the same way, we had a great time I had dinner at his place, we made out passionately & he completely respected my decision to not want to sleep together yet & did not make ANY moves while lying in bed. Instead he kissed my hand & we fell asleep holding hands. In the morning he made me breakfast kissed me & said "im happy you stayed" Since then at work he's been shy, nervous around me & quiet. He went away for 2 weeks on vacation so when he came back I casually told him in conversation that "I'm glad you're back." The days following my comment he started coming around my desk for no reason at all, trying to talk to me but ends up being somewhat quiet and just staying there awkwardly. He'll stare at me, smile at me. I wasn't sure he was still interested until I get a text on Christmas eve at 12am wishing me "Merry Christmas! :)" (he's never texted me outside of work before)

Today in the lunch room we were talking about what we did New Years eve both were uneventful so at the end of the convo I tap/hit him very lightly on the arm and say "so listen, don't be a stranger" I'm not sure if that was coming on too strong or if he might have thought I meant let's just be friends (which I don't want to be). Guys based on the history how would you perceive it?
Men help: Did I show Enough Interest? I'm SO CONFUSED!!!
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