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Did I push him away? Or did I ever have him in the first place?

About two months ago I met this guy on a dating site. He lives 8 hours away from me, but his job takes him throughout the state for work. He was on the site because his team would be completing two week rotations in my town for several months and he was hoping to meet people. I immediately thought he was amazing. We exchanged e-mails for a short time, and then text messages. The first time we met up, we sat on the beach and he sang to me and played the guitar. We texted almost every day after than until our next meeting, about a week later. During this date, I took him for a drive around the area, we walked down the pier, which was deserted because it was nighttime, then we ended up making out at the beach. We texted just about everyday after that, until he went home for the four day "weekends" they have between rotations. I texted him once to send him a picture of my new glasses, and he told me I looked hott. I didn't hear from him for close to a week. I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner a few days after he got back to town. He was absolutely amazing at dinner, holding the door for me, pulling out my chair, refusing to let me pay. He remembered things about me I'd only mentioned in passing. After dinner, we went to the beach again. We watched the shooting stars, his arms around me the whole time, whispering in my ear. We made out, and ended up fooling around a little bit. Nature had rendered me out for the count during that particular week of the month, so he was on the receiving end of the "fooling" around, but he was extremely sweet about it. He told me I didn't have to do it and he was extremely grateful afterward. That whole night was very intense. I usually texted him after I got home for a date, since my drive is a bit longer than his and he asked me to let him know I made it home safely. I was so nervous I didn't text him until the next night. I told him I'd had an absolutely amazing time, and that he better tone down all of the wonderfulness or I'd really start to like him. It was a joke, I thought I was just flirting with him. He didn't respond to me until I'd asked him about it hours later. His response was "you know I don't live here." I didn't know if he meant that it was just a fling for him or if he meant that a long distance relationship was going to be hard, and was I ready for it. I told him I wanted to enjoy the time we had together while he was here, and then I said goodnight because I didn't want to talk about it over a text. He said goodnight. We didn't talk for a few more days. I asked him out a few nights later, but ended up having to cancel because I got strep throat. He assured me he would give me a call. The next day he went back home for a two or three week break for the holidays. I didn't hear from him for nearly two weeks, so I texted him New Years Eve. He didn't respond. I still haven't heard from him.

Should I give him more time, call him, or just move on?
Did I push him away? Or did I ever have him in the first place?
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