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Gatsby Situation, what to do?

Long story...we both had a crush on each other senior year of high school, and kept in contact in college for a couple years. He went to school in the southern part of our state and I went to school in the northern part of the state. After another long year of not keeping in touch I call and he's still crushing on me, like I'm his Daisy and he's Gatsby. But he has a girlfriend and he's still has one more year of college to go. So it seems he's got a convenient girlfriend whose nearby, meanwhile he's felt ashamed, insecure, and chicken to really try to make it work with me. It's hard to give all the context of the past 6 years of this random thing. But the fact that he regrets not making me his girlfriend is still on his mind. I'm unsure of how to process all this. Is he playing some game? He's lost a lot of friends due to his usual medical problems (had childhood leukemia, and I think his immune system is forever vulnerable) preventing him from answering calls and being courteous to keep in touch in general. He's always been hard to get a hold of, and he told me he's lost even his best friend since childhood whom I've known for like 10 years, and you know that's serious. What would make a guy blow it with a girl, yet still want her despite having a girlfriend...? it's bazaar and I'm flattered, but I'm also feeling like my chain is being jerked. Thoughts?
Gatsby Situation, what to do?
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