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Already made up my mind, but I need more opinions on mixed signals

I work with a girl who I've been on a couple of dates with, or at least I think they're dates. I haven't explicitly said it's a date, but we've gone to dinner a few times and gotten some ice cream a couple of times as well. A friend of hers has approached me saying "so I heard you and [blank] went on a date." This has been going on for a while now and I was going to ask her out recently, but she was not available any of the three times I asked to hang out so I could ask her out. I see her at work and she's texted me before saying "you looked beautiful today" but we don't actually talk that much during work. She also texted me telling me I'm handsome before, I thanked her and her next reply was about how me and another girl, who I am not interested in, would make a good couple. She was drunk during the second text I mentioned. We were in the break room today and she didn't really say much, if we talked it's because I said something. This is typical behavior for her at work, but when we're outside of work she's cool. Is it just that she's shy at work with other people around? We work retail so it's not that formal. I'm starting to believe I waited too long, but I'm going to try one more time to see if she's available to ask her out. What do you guys think? Is it normal for some girls to sit there quietly when the guy you like is sitting right there? Is she just being shy and should I go for it anyway?
Already made up my mind, but I need more opinions on mixed signals
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