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What can I do to get this guy?

This guy told me he liked me but doesn't know what he wants at this stage. He kissed me once but after that, he'd just sit away from me and tell me that he's controlling himself from kissing me. He also mentioned that he once thought a relationship was all that he needed, but now he realizes that 's not really it.

He was cheated on by his girl a year and a half ago, and said I was the only girl that he has invited to his apartment so far. He does know that he's not the only one interested in me. I deliberately ignored a call from another guy in his face.

Up till now, he's still sharing his stories about his past, and his present struggles with me.

He invited me to his place for new year party. During the preparation, I helped him to take stuff from home, and that's how I met his parents for 5,10 minutes.

He was busily accommodating all his friends at the party, but kept an eye on me from time to time to see if I was fine. Then, when everybody left, he picked up the hairpin I dropped from the floor and said it was mine and it couldn be anybody else's. He asked and gave me a new year hug, and said I was the only female he hugged for the night.

Now, is he just treating me as a friend or wut? What can I do to get him?I really like him!
What can I do to get this guy?
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