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I really like this person and don't wanna mess this up!

OK about three months I went to an event where I met someone. We flirted and it was heavy for about two weeks then she said she liked me but wasn't looking for anything serious. So I never bothered her and maybe contacted her every once in a while. And she was very flaky, then when there was an event coming up two weeks before she started contacting me again. Even calling lol. Then we went out on new years and she was all over me saying that she was sorry for being a flake and that she wanted to get her mind right and that she can see things getting better for herself. She said that I was her type and that she could see me with her. Finally she wanted me to spend the night which I declined that night cause it was new years and I had things I needed to in the am. So I went over the following Monday and we did dinner and a movie and messed around again. She stopped got hot and said that she didn't want to lead me on and she likes me she wants to wait and wasn't ready yet. I said OK and that I was just happy holding her. Then she asked me to stay the night and I did and we cuddled and then she been communicating sending pictures of herself and actually making it easy to be reached, some of my friends are like she not for you and that you can do better but everything that they don't like in her I do I like that she is nerdy, I like that she is incredibly smart and that she is career oriented and doing better than me but that doesn't mean that she will be more successful Cu's I will be going to school for occupational therapy in a yr, so I'm not intimidated I just don't know what to do she my dream girl and I don't want to ruin it. She making herself available now, she telling me her schedule, sending picks to me, more responsive, and I feel like I'm not being used or strung along but I think its because I took all the flakiness and chilled and didn't bother her or act but hurt when we reconnected and she apologized for it, what should I do, I still gotta handle my business and I know I'm unstable with moving and relocating closer to her area cause that where the money is I just have a recipe for disaster when I get distracted and I don't want to seem unstable. My female friends say I can do better and that she is leveling up cause of my look but I can tell you that I feel like I'm not good enough for. Please help I don't wanna f this up
I really like this person and don't wanna mess this up!
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