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How do I keep him interested if we won't see each other for TWO WEEKS?

A month ago, I met this guy at camp and we hit it off really well. We live about an hour away, so we don't see each other unless we make plans. A little over a week ago, he asked me to go grab a coffee with him. I THINK it was a date because he extended it into dinner and a walk. I gave him a nice long hug at the end of the night, and I think he tried to kiss me on the cheek but I was confused and ended up giving him another hug instead... our cheeks ended up awkwardly touching because I think he thought I was leaning to kiss him or something. I don't know. (I'M SO STUPID!)

We are both 17. He also texted the next day saying he had a great time. But after that, we didn't text a whole lot. Perhaps I didn't show enough interest? I felt like I didn't tell him much about myself and didn't act very excited/entertained that night. The truth is though, that I DO LIKE HIM very much.

Is it too late for me to fix things, if that was the case? I don't want him to give up because of a stupid mistake on my part.

Yesterday, in an attempt to get his attention back after we stopped texting for a couple days, I messaged him to bring me along when he is planning to do something fun. He replied saying okay, and suggested that we go snowboarding.

Does it seem like I'm in the friend zone now? Snowboarding is going to happen in 2 weeks, and that's a long time to not see each other. If you still think that he might be interested in me, tell me what I should do to keep his interest, and to show my interest without coming off as too pushy or desperate.
How do I keep him interested if we won't see each other for TWO WEEKS?
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