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If he's so serious, why doesn't he do it?

This guy and me are on and off always over and over. Every time we fight, he tells me to "go away" and to not bother him. Half the time he comes back, half the time I go back - it's complicated. Every time when we fight and he want's me 'seriously' gone.. I tell him to block my number and to delete me. Deleting the number is simple, but when you know the number from just calling it for how many years, deleting doesn't do it. I tell him since HE wants me gone, HE should block my number.. but he never does it. He didn't even take me off our chat as friends when we play online sometimes (I took him off it, but I'm still on his). He was really serious (or so it seemed) that he wanted me gone this time, but how do I know? Truthfully, I should leave him out of my life and I'm planning to do so. I just want to know though, if it's such a big deal for you to get rid of someone, wouldn't you make that one small step to go ahead and block them?
If he's so serious, why doesn't he do it?
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