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Losing my faith in finding the right guy?

so I've always been a positive person for the most part...was in a terrible marriage for years where I was abused emotionally verbally physically. got out of it and started over from scratch. I am so happy I had the strength to do that. but now I'm in my mid 30s, single with kids and in two years, I've fallen for two guys, both of whom didn't work out. I know it doesn't sound like big deal...it's just two guys in two years...but I have a hard time falling for someone so when I do it's hard to let go. this last guy in particular was brutal in terms of trying to get over him Because I think he was really a decent guy and it still didn't work out. I see my friends happy with boyfriends/husbands and I see myself not finding anyone who gets me and wants me like I would him and it's getting discouraging. I'm starting to put my walls back up after the last guy and don't know...maybe some people are just supposed to be on their own? maybe that's me?
Losing my faith in finding the right guy?
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