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Can't forget him...help?

I've been married for almost 7 years. Before I met my husband, I went out off and on with a guy for about 4 years.

I feel so stupid about it, but I let this guy torture me for years, coming in and out of my life. (I'm pretty sure he had someone else and just wanted to string me along) You couldn't really even call it a relationship, but I've never wanted anyone so bad in my whole life. I really love my husband dearly and for a long time that love helped me forget, but I guess those feelings were just buried away. The last time I talked to this guy was a few days after I met my husband. He wanted to see me and I said NO. So I got out with the upper hand but he had already made his mark.

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has had this experience before and how did you get over it? I feel so guilty still thinking about this guy when I have such a wonderful man in my life now. It could be that I'm getting bored, and that's rekindling old feelings from my past. I would never do anything about it...I just want to forget, but somehow I just can't. It's a bad, bad, bad feeling. Any advice, men or women?
Can't forget him...help?
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