My boyfriend hasn't talked to me in two days?

so me and my current boyfriend started dating 2 months ago I though we really had a connection but two days ago we had a completely normal conversation except for the fact that I told him I had a little issue, also his phone broke so he said he wasn't going to be able to talk to me a whole lot then he asked me what my issue was and I said it was that I was afraid he would start liking someone else since I've been cheated on so many times... after that he asked me why and I explained all of this happened over Facebook 2 days ago... so the thing is he hasn't talk to me since then he has appeared to be online but as soon as I try to say something it goes offline I guess his internet might just not be working properly but really he hasn't talk to me that long... should I be worried? ): please help this is driving me nuts!
My boyfriend hasn't talked to me in two days?
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